Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 35 - I suck at this blog

Oh I'm so sorry folk. I've probably got no readers left over here! I don't know why I've found it so hard to blog about pregnancy when I've been a blogger and writer for years and years and years. Maybe it's just hard to get distance or perspective on it all since it's so intense and constantly changing.

I'm now only a few weeks away from having a full term baby! I finished work a few weeks ago because of constant back pain issues, and also what I felt amounted to discrimination from my boss who was constantly carrying on about being distracted, having pregnancy brain, being "useless" blah blah. Really it wasn't true - I'm the first to admit when I'm clumsy or silly 'cause of hormones - like turning up at a friends house in slippers, not shoes. But he was making every normal mistake out to be baby related and proof I was not much of a worker. GRRRR. Fucktard.

Luckily I have tonnes of sick leave so I'm on full pay at home now and much less stressed. I don't have to think about going back to work until at least May next year.

Apart from my back, and heartburn, really I'm doing pretty well. No huge weight gain - I've only put on about six kilos in total which is great since I was a big girl to start with. Baby eats my fat according to the doctor who was being half serious - Ignoring the baby bump the rest of my body is looking quite trim I reckon. Ha. I haven't dieted or done anything stupid, just totally listened to my body all along and let it eat what it wants.

I did have one scare. Some idiot rear-ended my car in traffic at quite a high speed. Almost wrote of my car cause it crumpled parts of the floor of the car which is expensive to fix. Thank goodness it was his fault and I was just innocently waiting in traffic so I don't pay a cent. But I did have to go to hospital to be monitored for five hours and have some tests done of bub. For a few hours after the crash he was not moving too much and they weren't happy with his monitoring. Then he seemed to shake it off and started bouncing around and all drama was over! Whew.

My nursery is all set now, I've done the parenting classes too. My sister has had a baby a month ago so I've been doing "baby boot camp" learning everything from her and her newborn really which is great for confidence building. This week I'm packing the hospital bag!