Sunday, November 22, 2009

I have a son!

Okay folk this is super quick cause I'm only a few days out of hospital. My son Elliott was born on Monday 16th November. The last month of pregnancy was a horror with back pain and pre-labour pains for ages. Then waters broke and had a few days of contractions not really going anywhere into active labour. Finally a few hours before I was to be induced I went into full natural labour - but it went wrong, baby in posterior position and up too high and too much pain and contractions not doing the right thing to help so ended up with full medical intervention. At last minute avoided a C-section just because kid turned and dropped and I could push him out. Whew.

Now of coure I'm hormonal, sore from head to toe and sleep deprived. BUT...totally, totally in love with my son, and motherhood!!



  1. Congratulations and many blessings to you!

  2. OMG! So many congrats to you!!!! Glad to hear that everything turned around at the last minute. Sounds like that lil man is going to be a procrastinator! Waiting til the last minute to go into natural labor, waiting til the last minute to flip around...You've got your hands full already. But I'm sure it's all well worth it. Congrats, again!!!

  3. Glad to know everything went OK, and that you and baby are healthy. Remember to take care of yourself, don't be hard on yourself as so many new moms are. People can be unbelievably competitive about their babies, so just take all that nonsense with a huge grain of salt. Just focus on what works for the two of you, and that's what counts! You'll do great. XOXO, best wishes!

  4. So exciting! I'm glad he turned at the last minute and you could avoid the recovery from a c-section. Congratulations!!!