Friday, April 3, 2009

Giggle on a Friday

This website is cruel, but pretty funny.

Happy Friday! I'm so excited to have made it to a weekend. When I can sleep...mmmm..sleep. My new hobby.

I'm off to have a look at Ikea and a Baby Market too this weekend. Just to get an idea of how much money I'm going to need for a nursery. And I may let myself by one thing. I was hoping the Baby Market had pre-done children for sale to help me avoid actually carrying the kid, but no joy. They don't sell kids. Bummer.

I'm a bit scared to buy anything kid related until I pass the magic twelve weeks, but my sister said that allowing myself one toy or one baby outfit or something is still a nice thing to do - even if something goes wrong (and I hope it won't) it will be a memory. Sounds like a nice idea.

I'm resisting the lure of parenting magazines and the like - that's just all advertising designed to convince me I'll need an $800 cot or the kid will die or some such horrid thing! Not me. I will be hunting high and low for bargains. Including Freecycle - which is great if you don't know about it!

No real funny pregnancy stories this week. The coffee bean (nicknamed Delysia by my gay best friend) has behaved and apart from some headaches and tiredness and peeing at night, I feel almost normal. Except my first thought in the morning is still "FUCK. I'm pregnant." I sit up bolt upright and my eyes bulge, then I lay down again and take a few deep breaths. And eat something.

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