Thursday, April 16, 2009

Week 10: Snakes Alive and Shopping

I've put off blogging a bit about Week 10 up the duff since it has mostly sucked and I'm trying to adjust my attitude. Trying very hard. And mostly failing...

Morning sickness went away and is now back with a vengeance. I know that probably means baby is growing well but I can barely function. Over Easter I had a few days where I couldn't even keep water down, leading to the worst headache. And I couldn't keep painkillers down. I was about to shelve my painkillers when finally I kept a few down. Whew. Bless my flatmates for getting me hot packs for the sore head.

I seem to have one day where I can eat okay, and then the next day I can't eat or drink anything. I guess that means I don't need to worry about excessive weight gain! And I will never again joke about wishing I could catch bulimia for a bit. I don't know how the pro-vomit folk do it!

I make so much noise, and I cry and I make a mess - it would be impossible for me to hide the fact I'm upchucking. Yesterday one of the things I threw up was a few Snakes Alive. I'd read somewhere that sometimes lollies help keep blood sugar stable and lead to less vomit. WRONG.

Anyhow...they don't digest easily and a bit blob of brightly coloured lolly mess stuck to the toilet bowl AT WORK. I frantically scrubbed with the brush - only to transfer bits of chewed snake to the brush. Nothing would make them disappear down the loo. I was so embarrassed. I just ran away and hoped no one could figure out what on earth it was.

In more amusing news I went for maternity bra fittings. They aren't sexy. Some of them have no underwire so are just massive bits of material and straps. So Ugly. The fitter apologised when I put the grandma things on. But I figure it was sexy bras that got me in trouble in the first place. And one of them - well, it's a goddamn J cup! The other is a G cup. So So wrong. My nipples now touch my thighs if I'm slouched on the couch braless. I'm a sideshow! The flatmates held out the J cup bra and we tried to sit one dog in each cup. The dogs didn't want to stay in the hammock though.

I'm also into tracksuit pants and longer tops now. I can tell I'm up the duff but no one else really can see yet. My lower belly roll just seems to defy gravity and poke out like an inflated balloon. I can't wear my normal clothes and left to my own devices I'd walk around only in PJs. I've taken to rubbing the belly and muttering away to already - even if it can't hear me yet!

A family friend has given me my first outfits and toys - despite me saying "no gifts until after 12 weeks" but I was excited so I made an exception. Other friends are hinting about the stockpile they are hatching in secret and my Mum is telling me about all the pink things she's buying - no pressure for a girl!!

As soon as I wasn't looking my dog, Butch grabbed the newborn toy and was attempting to remove it from the packaging. There is going to be jealousy issues I reckon. And I'll need to separate dog and human toys. Not that there is anything wrong with the kid eating a bit of dog saliva I guess.

This Friday is my first class - the "Just Pregnant, Now What?" class . Then Saturday is the tour of the Birth Centre. I've got different friends as my "partner" for each thing I'm attending which is going to freak everyone out. A few lesbians, a gay boy, a straight girl. Much fun awaits I hope!

It's also now only 14 days till the end of my first trimester and the first ultrasound! Can't wait! I really do what the end result but I just can't stand the grow-you-own-baby process!

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