Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Week 12: The Big Day Tomorrow

I've made it through the first trimester! Praise be! Woot! Now I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for tomorrow - the first ultrasound!

Lots of up the duffers have an ultrasound at about six weeks to "date" the little critter and predict a due date, but because I track my cycles I knew my dates, so I haven't actually yet met the kid in womb. At the moment my due date is 11 November - Remembrance Day! Though if I'm in labour at 11 am I don't like the chances of a few minutes silence!

Tomorrow I'll get to hear the heartbeat, see him/her (them? EEK) on screen and get a run down on my chances of abnormalities. They'll give me a statistical chance of the bub having Down's or something similar and then I can decide what to do next - more testing for example. It's all very nerve wracking and awesome. I really, really don't want to find anything wrong with my alien implant.

I've had a great last week. Overnight it was like morning sickness flicked off and although I was suspicious for a few days, it became obvious I was done with the first trimester horrors. Instead I was flooded with some sort of feel good hormone. The first few days on that natural drug were hilarious. I do believe at one time I was caught singing to a flower in a pot plant that had opened up over night.

Last weekend I was out of bed at 6am, opening up all of the windows and taking stock of what I'd missed in the last six weeks or so. The house was covered in dust and discarded bits of stuff I'd not quite unpacked properly - so it was music cranking and spring cleaning.

The flatmates were most bemused to find me like some freakin' Disney princess dancing with the dogs and pirouetting across the living room.

I caught up on body maintenance and peeled off the vomit stained PJs and then it was onto some serious dog walking and getting-out-of-the-house-again moments. With my appetite returning I treated myself to a slice of cake. Mmmm... small pleasures indeed.

The only downside to this new lot of chemicals in the body is it brings other emotions close to the surface too. Watch a youtube clip, listen to some sappy country and music and watch me blubber. Of course country and western music does make many sane people blubber.

But my feelings turn on a dime too. Someone might cut me off in traffic and I'm having to restrain myself from jumping out of the car and running after them throwing half used bottles of Listerine at their heads. Then I'll go for a nap and have the most filty, sexy, hormone driven dreams and wake up frothy mouthed and wild eyed. Eeek. It's like I've just had a brand new strong set of emotions installed and I"m yet to learn to manage them. Kinda fun.

Well - in summary - I feel like I'm on some pretty good drugs this week! Will update you tomorrow with hopefully the first picture of my baby too!!


  1. That's brilliant, the second trimester ROCKS THE CASBAH. So nice, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Best of luck with the ultrasound, can't wait to hear about it.

    And (though I know it's easier said than done) just try to think of the labellers as giving you the chance to get better at ignoring the critics. There's just so many - in motherhood and in comedy - at least you're getting practice in! :)

    Lotsa love. x

  2. YEAH! Go the Scorpio babies!!!!! We're moody lil fuckers but we sure are interesting!