Friday, April 17, 2009

God giveth and taketh away

Now I'm not religious but if there is a God she/he has some sense of humour. Playing around with my vibrator I discover I'm now multi orgasmic. Seriously so. Can orgasm every twenty seconds if I wanted. Woot. They aren't that strong but it's still kinda fun. And I reckon I feel a bit "tighter" or different too inside. Maybe extra blood flow? So that's all fun and giggles. seems the orgasms trigger contraction-like cramps. Like really bad PMS. Even if I don't penetrate. OUCH. I end up doubled up a bit for a few minutes and feel off for quite a while - crawling into a warm bath helps.

So sexy if I ever shag a real person again. "Oooooo..yeah, that's it..I'm cuming. OW. Mother Fucker ouch ouch ouch don't touch me I'm just curling up into a foetal position now. Please leave me alone to die."

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