Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Week 7: Beware the Lioness

Not even eating often now is a guarantee of stopping the vomit. But it's okay - cause if I vomit up half a day's worth of food at lunch doesn't that mean I get to restart my calories for the day? Hmmm..bulimia here I come.

My new flatmates have taken to calling me the "Lioness". And often walk around bowing and scrapping and offering food to placate me. And just as well, cause should they make eye contact I would probably attack and rip out vital organs.

Yes, I'm cranky. But only for a few minutes. Then I'm weepy. I cried rewatching Independence Day on the weekend. And Star Trek. And I wasn't crying at the costumes or bad acting.

My five month pregnant sister spent the day with me yesterday and oh what a marvelous day we had. She slept. I threw up. She asked me to throw up quietly cause I was interrupting her sleep. I got the giggles. Which is kinda fatal when you've got your head down the loo. Then we compared nipple changes, veins popping and read pregnancy books together. Then we devoured a block of chocolate...

The new flatmates came home and were in awe. "Hello, Another Lioness", they exclaimed before leaving a fresh chicken carcass at our feet and retreating.

I do recall I used to have a life, but I'm not sure where it went. Also, I recall being a lustful thing, and loving regular sexing. Right now I think I'd rather scoop my own vomit out of the loo and eat it. My body is off limits to all and sundry at present. The only thing a bed is good for is napping.

I'm already starting down the road to partial lobotomy too. I don't get online as much (maybe 5 hours a day instead of 10 hehe), I don't watch the news, I'm not going out much. I'm only focussed on my next meal and finding clean pyjamas.

It's actually kinda nice not to be "over-thinking" everything so much. Instead my body is kinda just pottering along and I'm somewhat oblivious to the world. I only hope I'm totally lobotomised by the time birth comes. Ouch already.

I can't wait to have my first scan or to start showing to make it all seem a bit real. The trouble is - I'm fat enough in the belly that I may not start showing till five months or more LOL. I mean right now I'd start wearing maternity tops for comfort if I could but that's not baby related. That's KFC related.

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