Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week 11

Finally something to stop the misery of first trimester - going to a class with a whole bunch of other miserable first trimester gals and partners! Misery does love company.

My first pregnancy class was excellent! I took Earth as my support person so I'm sure we just looked like inner west lesbians. The midwife was awesome and the other couples were fun to meet. I sat clutching a pillow to my belly trying not to throw up, another girl looked liked she would faint any moment and needed a good lie down, while a third girl confessed that her nose was so sensitive she couldn't stand the smell of her boyfriend. LOL. Good times.

We were walked through all of the appointments we'll need, and decisions to make and then to remind us of why we feel we feel so crap we were given a tour of the post-natal unit to see the babies having their first baths!!! I got very excited then. Hard to believe in just over six months I'll be there.

The post natural unit looks very cosy - and they have classes every day on what to do with a baby and how not to kill it so that I thought will come in handy. Wonder if I can move in until the kid is 18 or so?

It was all just so reassuring all-in-all. The parent education unit just reminded me of an airport lounge - even the smell of recycled air conditioning was the same. In a sappy way, I guess it is where great adventures begin...


Saturday last week was the tour of the Birth Centre - I've booked a bed there in the hope I can have a much less medical birth. Double beds, comfy furniture and courtyards to pace up and down in. Never fear - they'll still give you gas and pethidine - just no epidural. Yeah, well, we'll see! The Labour Ward is just opposite so if I change my mind it's no issue.

I took a gay boy to the Birth Centre tour and it was most amusing. We were cracking jokes about him not being the father - and getting strange looks from the others. Ah...some people need a sense of humour.

The tour was over fairly quickly since the room was needed by a very pregnant woman who rushed in mid-labour. She seemed calm and composed. I can only hope I'm the same when the time comes.

Overall, a fantastic weekend. Two days now to the ultrasound when I know we're all locked and loaded and ready to keep going with the baby incubating and then...the shopping begins!


  1. How very, very exciting!!! Good luck with the ultra sound in a few days, I look forward to hearing how it goes. Do you think they'll do the 3D pic's for you? No offense but they are so FREAKY - the babies look like little aliens he he he. But I guess it's still cute if it's your own baby :-P Ahh.. I think you have to have a sense of humour with pregnancy... not that I've had any kiddies yet, but from seeing what parents go through you really would go crazy if you were an uptight twat. Hope your tummy settles down soon!! :-)

  2. Sounds fantastic - we had a one day birth and delivery class to go to, and that's it!